Garlic Bread - Focaccia

Hand Made Focaccia 2,50 €
flavored with rosemary and olive oil
Garlic Bread Plain 5,00 €
Garlic Bread Stuffed 7,00 €
With Cheese
Garlic Bread Traditional 7,50 €
With Yellow Cheese & Tomato


Grilled Vegetables 8,00 €
with manouri cheese on grill and rocket pesto
Risotto croquet 8,00 €
from risotto variety of mushrooms and aioli sauce, flavored with tomato sauce
Shrimps & Mushrooms mille-feuille 8,50 €
with white wine sauce between crispy puff pastry
Variety of grilled mushrooms 8,50 €
with flavored butter, truffle oil and parsley
Feta cheese in crispy crust 7,00 €
with honey and sesame
Caponata eggplant 6,50 €
with vegetables in sweet and sour sauce with capers, olives and pines nuts
Chicken rolls 8,50 €
with trilogy of cheeses, tricolore peppers served with peppers jam
Prosciutto from Parma 12,00 €
freshly cut prosciutto, rocket leaves, parmesan with flavored tomatoes
Drunken mussels steamed 9,00 €
with florina’s pepper, onio and dill, finished with white wine and flavored with lemon
Fried potatoes 4,00 €
with skin flavored with truffle oil


Aegean View 9,00 €
with mixed salads, rocket, tomato, cucumber, raisin, sun-dried tomato, parmesan cheese, feta cheese, crisps, olive’s fillet and honey vinaigrette
Chicken salad 9,00 €
chicken, iceberg, rocket salad, croutons, cherry tomato, sesame and mustard vinaigrette
Green Salad 9,00 €
with grilled manouri cheese and prosciutto mixed salads, rocket, spinach with sun-dried tomato vinaigrette
Siciliana 8,50 €
mixed salads, rocket, grilled vegetables, manouri cheese mousse with a light dressing of sun-dried tomato and capers
Chef’s favourite 8,50 €
with mixed salads, tomato, cucumber, corn, sautéed bacon, egg, croutons and parmesan flakes with cocktail sauce
Greek Salad 8,50 €
cherry tomatoes, cucumber, fresh onion, olive’s fillet, critama, rustic rusk,feta cheese cream and vinaigrette “horio”


Pamodoro 7,00 €
marinated fresh tomatoes with basil leaves and garlic oil
Greek 8,00 €
with marinated fresh tomatoes of basil leaves and oregano, feta cheese and olive fillet
Caprese 9,00 €
with marinated fresh tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, basil, rocket salad and prosciutto


Margarita 8,00 €
cheese, fresh tomato sauce and oregano
Four Seasons 12,00 €
cheese, fresh tomato sauce, ham, salami pepperoni,
bacon, peppers and mushroom
Mushroom Cheese 11,00 €
variety of mushrooms, creamy cheese sauce, truffle oil and parmesan cheese
Bella via mozzarella 12,50 €
fresh tomato sauce, prosciutto, olive oil, and fresh, rocket salad
Inferno 11,00 €
mozzarella, fresh tomato sauce, salami pepperoni, dry chili pepper seeds
Con Pollo 13,00 €
cheese, creamy cheese sauce, chicken, bacon, corn, peppers and parmesan
Pesto Basilico 12,00 €
fresh mozzarella, fresh tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes, fresh basil leaves and basil pesto
Capricciosa 12,00 €
cheese, fresh tomato sauce, bacon, mushrooms and egg
Greek's 12,00 €
cheese, fresh tomato sauce, peppers, tomato, onion, feta cheese, oregano and olive fillet
Peasant's 13,00 €
cheese, fresh tomato sauce, salami pepperoni, soutzouki, feta cheese, onion and chili pepper seeds
Tuna Cheese 12,00 €
fresh tomato sauce, tuna, capers, olive fillet and garlic
Modena 12,00 €
mozzarella, parmesan, fresh tomato sauce, dried fig, prosciutto, rocket salad and balsamic cream
Hawaii cheese 11,00 €
fresh tomato sauce, ham and pineapple


Risotto with seafood clams 14,00 €
mussels, shrimps in creamy sauce with lemon and fresh herbs
Risotto Milanese 13,50 €
with chicken, fresh onion, saffron and parmesan cream
Risotto with variety of mushrooms 13,50 €
truffle flavor and parmesan flakes


Linguine with drunken shrimps 15,00 €
finished with ouzo, zucchini, fennel and ginger with lemon aroma(*)
Linguine del mare 16,00 €
clams, mussels, squid, shrimps, red sauce, fresh herbs and fresh pepper(*)
Tagliatelle with salmon and asparagus 15,00 €
finished with white wine, onion, and red pepper
Papardelle with veal ragout and white truffle puree 15,00 €
pieces of veal in dairy cream, grated thyme and parmesan flakes
Mediterranean pappardelle 14,00 €
with pork tenderloin, sun-dried tomato, garlic oil, anthotyro cheese and fresh thyme
Truffle ravioli 13,00 €
stuffed with ricotta cheese and spinach, sauce of cream and truffle
Primavera with linguine 12,00 €
sautéed carrot, zucchini, tricolor peppers, onion and mushrooms in fresh tomato sauce flavored with basil and grated pecorino
Aglio pollo farfalle 12,00 €
bacon, chicken, mushrooms and hard cheese in scented garlic and whiskey cream
Tagliatelle Poutaneska 11,50 €
with anchovies, olives fillet, capers, garlic oil, dry chili seeds, tomato sauce, parsley, and grated pecorino
Amatriciana farfalle 10,00 €
with bacon, onion, dry chili seeds, tomato sauce with garlic flavor
Penne al pesto con pollo 12,00 €
with pieces of chicken, rocket pesto, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, diary cream and parmesan

Main Dishes

Rib eye fillet with Jack Danile’s sauce 25,00 €
served with mashed potatoes
Veal tagliata 20,00 €
with fresh rocket salad, cherry tomatoes and parmesan flakes
Ossobuco 16,00 €
with tomato sauce quietly cooked in sous vide accompanies with risotto Milanese
Fillet of Salmon 16,00 €
on grill with creamy cheese sauce served with spinach risotto
Fillet of Sea bass 16,00 €
sautéed with Mediterranean potapo salad with herbs and lemon sauce
Fillet of Sea bream 16,00 €
sautéed served with quinoa- groats salad, kritama and chopped vegetables with aromatic spearmint oil
Pork Tenderloin with plum sauce 15,00 €
and cherry brandy served with mashed potatoes
Italian Burger with crispy gnocchi 13,00 €
in handmade ciabatta bread, beef burger(300gr), fresh mozzarella, caramelized onions, tomato, rocket pesto, iceberg and aioli sauce
Veal burger 12,00 €
with fresh mozzarella and tomato on top served with grilled vegetables and rocket pesto
Pork Souvlaki 12,00 €
vegetables served with fries skin potatoes and yogurt sauce
Chicken Fillet grilled 11,00 €
with sauteed vegetables and thyme

Soft Drinks / Juices

Soft Drinks 2,50 €
Fresh Orange Juice 4,00 €
Mixed Juice 3,00 €
Sparkling water S.pellegrino 0.25lt 2,70 €
Sparkling water S.pellegrino 0.75lt 4,80 €
Bottled water 0.5lt 0,90 €
Bottled water 1lt 1,80 €


Mythos 0.5lt 3,90 €
Fix 0.5lt 3,90 €
Kaiser 0.5lt 4,00 €
Fix aneu (0% alcohol) 0.5lt 4,00 €
Mythos radler with lemon 0.33lt 3,50 €
Spira 0.33lt 5,00 €
Stella Artois 0.33lt 5,00 €