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Basket With Breads 1,80 €

Garlic Bread

Not Available at the moment


Crispy Shrimp Croquettes 12,00 €
from risotto with bisque sauce and fresh herbs
Fried Potatoes 5,80 €
flavored with oregano and salt
Feta Cheese In Crispy Crust 8,50 €
with tomato jam and black sesame
Sicilian Bruschetta 9,20 €
with toasted bread, smoked eggplant cream, marinated tomato and goat cheese
Handmade Chicken Rolls 11,00 €
with trilogy of cheeses, tricolore peppers served with peppers jam
Prosciutto From Parma 13,00 €
freshly cut prosciutto, rocket leaves, parmesan with flavored tomatoes
Drunken Mussels Steamed 12,00€
with red sweet pepper, onion and dill, finished with white wine and flavored with lemon


Green Salad 13,00 €
with grilled manouri cheese and crispy prosciutto mixed salads, rocket, spinach with sun-dried tomato vinaigrette
Chicken salad 13,00 €
chicken, iceberg, rocket salad, croutons, three kinds of cherry tomato, sesame and mustard vinaigrette
Greek Salad 10,00 €
with flavored cherry tomatoes, cucumber, fresh onion, olive, critama, red sweet pepper, rustic rusk, feta cheese cream and vinaigrette “horio”
Agioreita Salad 12,50 €
rusk, eggplant salad, marinated cherry tomatoes, capers, olives, katiki cheese, rocket salad with “horio” dressing
The Shepherd’s Salad 12,80 €
with mix green salads, dried fig, goat cheese, walnuts, sun-dried tomato, croutons with balsamic vinegar and honey vinaigrette


Not Available at the moment


Risotto With Variety Of Mushrooms 15,00 €
truffle flavor and parmesan flakes
Risotto With Roasted Vegetable Puree 14,50 €
tomato and pepper puree, dried grapes, pine and feta cheese mousse
Risotto With Seafood 16,00 €
mussels, shrimps in creamy sauce with lemon and fennel


Linguine With Tuna 15,00 €
cherry tomatoes, onion, olives and garlic quenched with white wine in red sauce
Ravioli Alla Fiorentina 15,00 €
stuffed with ricotta cheese and spinach, sauce of cream and truffle
Primavera With Linguine 13,80 €
sautéed carrot, zucchini, tricolor peppers, onion and mushrooms in tomato sauce flavored with basil and grated pecorino
Tagliatelle Al Pesto Con Pollo 14,00 €
with pieces of chicken, rocket pesto, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, diary cream and parmesan
Aglio e Pollo Rigatoni 15,00 €
with smoked pork, chicken, mushrooms and hard cheese in scented garlic and whiskey cream
Pasta With Veal Cheeks 18,00 €
slow cooked in red wine with spices and gruyere cheese
Linguine del Mare 19,00 €
mussels, shrimps, red sauce, fresh herbs and fresh pepper
Tagliatelle Poutaneska 13,50 €
with anchovies, olives fillet, capers, garlic oil, dry chili seeds, tomato sauce and grated pecorino
Pasta With Shrimps “Saganaki” 17,50 €
quenched with ouzo, aromatic tomato sauce with vegetables, garlic oil and grated feta cheese
Amatriciana Rigatoni 14,00 €
with smoked pork, onion, dry chili seeds, tomato sauce with garlic flavor

Main Dishes

Ossobuco alla Milanese 18,50 €
slow cooked in red tomato sauce with hearbs accompanies with risotto Milanese
Grilled Burgers 15,00 €
with gruyere cream, aromatic mashed potatoes and parsley oil
Fillet of Salmon 19,00 €
on grill with creamy cheese sauce served with aromatic spinach risotto
Italian Burger With Crispy Gnocchi 16,00 €
in handmade ciabatta bread, beef burger(300gr), smoked scamorza cheese, caramelized onions, tomato, rocket pesto, iceberg and aioli sauce
Caramelized Pork Pancetta 16,50 €
with crispy skin fried potatoes, caramelized onions and home-made aromatic mayo
Ribeye Fillet 29,00 €
with aromatic mashed potatoes with truffle oil, grilled vegetables and sauce of fresh thyme
Fillet of Sea Bass 18,00 €
with velvety sweet potato and vegetable soup, with mint oil
Chicken In Sweet and Sour Sauce 15,00 €
with vegetables and aromatic basmati rice
Extra Accompanying 3,50 €
Grilled vegetables/Skin fried potatoes/Green fresh salad/Mashed potatoes/Rise

Soft Drinks / Juices

Soft Drinks 3,50 €
Aperol spritz 8,00 €
Fresh Orange Juice 4,50 €
Mixed Juice 4,00 €
Sparkling Water S. Pellegrino 250ml 4,00 €
Sparkling Water S. Pellegrino 750ml 6,00 €
Bottled Water 1lt 3,00 €


Stella Artois 330ml 5,00 €
Fix anef (0% alcohol) 330ml 4,00 €
Repi (local product) 330 ml 5,50 €
Mythos 330ml 4,00€
Spira (local product) 330ml 5,50 €
Fix 330ml 4,00 €